The New England Regional Seattle Study Club is dedicated to making each Symposium special for both dentists and for their spouses. Along with two days of excitement, spouses have the opportunity attend breakfast, lunch, and the cocktail reception. We hope you can join in on the fun!

Friday, May 10th, 2019


Believe it or not you are all athletes. Like professional athletes we are paid to perform a set of skills each day to the best of our abilities. Just like in sports, many times this set of skills requires a repetitive set of motions and exposure to postures that may become problematic. This course will teach you how to decrease injury risk while increasing work place performance through exercise and health habits.

Learning objectives:

  1. Why and how does exercise improve health?

  2. What type and how much exercise do you need to improve health?

  3. 5 tips to prevent injuries during exercise.

  4. Basic exercise program for balance, strength, and function.


Saturday, May 11th, 2019



Join the yoga instructors from the Wentworth by the Sea for a two hours of relaxing yoga. Don’t have a yoga mat? Don’t worry, the hotel will provide you with one! But hurry! Space is limited to 20 participants.



Love history? Well you are in luck! This year we are offering a special tour of the historic Wentworth by the Sea! Learn the ins and the outs of the mystery behind the beauty. Only if walls could talk, right!?