About the NERSSC

What is the New England Regional Seattle Study Club Meeting?

The first New England Regional Seattle Study Club Symposium was held in the Spring of 2006. It is a bi-annual meeting that originally consisted of local Seattle Study Club members, but now welcomes non-members for this grand event. The Seattle Study Clubs attract dentists who enjoy sharing ideas, discussing treatment concepts, and learning from leading experts.

The NERSSC also shares the same philosophy on continuing education:  

  • The most successful outcomes result from total case management, an understanding of the overall picture and how each treatment or technique functions within it.

  • Our highest levels of comprehension are achieved as a direct result of participation and interaction rather than observation.

  • Learning from and with one's peers in a structured, supportive environment is the best way to reach one's highest potential in the field of dentistry.

Why should I become a member of a Seattle Study Club?

As technology rapidly evolves, a difficult yet innovative future lies ahead for those in dental health care. We want to know how to meet the needs of this ever-changing field, the skills and knowledge necessary, and how all aspects of dentistry – periodontics, oral surgery or endodontics – can be incorporated into one’s practice.

All attendees of the New England Regional Seattle Study Club are highly motivated and successful individuals, who want to be leaders in their field, want to be on the cutting edge of technology, and want the very best for themselves and their patients. They are dedicated to the advancement of team treatment planning and total case management as the optimal tools for achieving high quality patient care.